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The story is talking about a little girl Vivi who goes to find fireflies which are called "Rainbows". She finds lots of animals on her trip except for the "Rainbows". She feels upset and crying, but at this moment, the rainbow fireflies are coming out and becoming the rainbow.

The visual component of this thesis is an animation of about 3 minutes. 3D character animation and 3D scenes were used. After Effects will be used to add details (e.g. rain, dust, etc.) 

Visual And Concept Development

Style Frame


Rainbows is a 3D-animated short film that tells the story of a girl who, after hearing a fairy tale that rainbows are made of fireflies, embarks on a journey to find these fireflies. How her journey begins is not very important, but what happens along the way is the focus of the entire story.


The film’s visual aesthetic is mainly influenced by Pixar and Disney’s animation styles. Since the character’s journey is the focus of the animation, most of the visuals involve natural scenes. Bright sunlight and other natural phenomena are essential. Luca (2021) was the first film that came to mind.


Color Script


The film’s color script is divided into three parts. First, warm and bright colors are used when Vivi begins her journey searching for the fireflies. Second, dark and gray colors are used when Vivi is upset and crying. The third color scheme is used in the scene when Vivi is crying as night falls and the fireflies reveal themselves.


Character Design 



Vivi, the main character of the animation, Rainbows, is a little girl of about 12 years of age. She has a deep curiosity and a boundless love for exploring the unknown. She believes in many fanciful stories and loves the beauty of nature. Her personality is the opposite of that of her two friends.

The film tells the story of when Vivi reads a fairy tale that claims that rainbows are made of fireflies, and she decides to verify the truth of the story herself. She travels through the mountains and meets many adorable creatures along the way, but not the fireflies that she ultimately wants to find. When she becomes disappointed and sad, a firefly flies over her. She is surprised, and suddenly countless fireflies fly all around her and eventually form a rainbow.

Vivi's character design color scheme is generally bright yellow, symbolizing her curious, cheerful, and lively personality. Her hair is medium-length, which generally creates the impression of an outgoing and lively girl. 

Coco & Titi

Titi and Coco are Vivi's friends. Neither of them believes in the fairy tales that Vivi talks about. They are more focused on the events happening in regular life. Their opening discussion revolves around which suits and dresses would be most appropriate for attending an annual conference.

Titi's overall style is casual and he is slightly shorter than Coco. His loose t-shirt with a cat design was inspired by one of the author’s own t-shirts.

Coco's overall color scheme is pink. Her personality is playful with a touch of disdain. To this end, her eyelids were designed with a half-closed effect.

Character Design.png
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